The Best of the Best

New York is home to some of the best food in the world. If you can’t find it here.. odds are you can’t find it anywhere. Living in the city, I’m constantly planning my next meal and scouting out new places to try.

I’m sharing a few my favorite spots below, but you can also find them on my Instagram here.

Thursday Kitchen – An all time fave. Great for groups because it’s all family style, small tapas-inspired plates. This is my favorite restaurant in the city. I promise it’s really that good. No reservations, so be prepared to go early or put your name down and find a spot nearby to grab a drink.

Must order: the truffle mac n cheese, popcorn chicken, truffle edamame dumplings and steak.

KazuNori – A classic east coast and west coast spot. Best for dining alone or in small groups because the whole restaurant is one long hand roll bar. Again, no reservations so be prepared to wait in line, but I promise it’s worth it. The sushi is fresh, the seaweed is crisp and the rice is flavorful and warm.

Must order: Love the sake, but green tea is always a great meal pairing here. My favorite rolls are toro, yellowtail & scallion and salmon.

Bar Pitti – The ultimate West Village spot with great food and amazing people watching. Again, no reservations – I’m sorry, but that’s how you know it’s gonna be good. The menu is small and daily specials are constantly updated. This is a New York institution. Em Approved.

Must order: Rose pasta pictured below is a staple. Anything truffle. Make sure to get the bread and save some for that extra pasta sauce. Aperol Spritz is definitely the move here.

Thai Diner – Amazing fusion of Thai and American cuisine that always keeps you guessing and might be some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Reservations are limited so snag one if you can, but there’s always room for walk-ins. The decor and the setting are as curated as the menu. 10/10.

Must order: Khao Soi Kaa Kai changed my life. If you can only get one thing – MAKE IT THIS. Disco Fries are fun. Phat See Ew with Fried Chicken is also delish and captures the essence of this place perfectly.

Don Angie – Not for the faint of heart. This Michelin Star, Italian Restaurant in the West Village lives up to the hype. Getting a reservation is like an olympic sport. That being said, it might be the best lasagne on planet earth.

Must order: Obviously the Lasagne is the star of the show here, but honorable mention to the Stuffed Garlic Flatbread and Chrysanthemum salad.

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